Be part of the community for the most advanced yet easily learned programming language in the world. Ada is the time-tested, safe and secure programming language used for long-lived critical application development.

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Benefits and Features of Ada


  • Development cost savings
  • Maturity of language and implementations
  • Freely available international standard
  • Interoperability with other languages
  • Ease of training programmers
  • Successful usage in practice
  • Software portability
  • Professional grade Open Source compilers


  • Support for “programming in the large”
  • Flexibility
  • Data Abstraction and Information Hiding
  • Reusability
  • Concurrency support
  • Methodology neutrality
  • Real-time support
  • Mission and Safety-critical support

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The Ada Mascot

Lady Fairy, the Ada Language Mascot, by Leah Goodreau was the winner of a communtiy wide contest for an Ada Mascot.

My mascot was inspired by Ada Lovelace's adolescent fascination with flight and Charles Babbage's nickname for her, "Lady Fairy." The coloration of the mascot references the Asian fairy-bluebird, while the silhouette is a hummingbird because of their famed speed and sleekness.
Leah Goodreau
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